A Fair Go

What do Australians mean by the term

"a fair go"?

It means to give somebody a reasonable chance at something; to treat them fairly. It's implied that, if you give them A FAIR GO, they are being treated fairly and equally - an idea that is central to Australian culture.

Marginalised groups of Australians have been given a dominant storyline by the media, politicians, organisations and individuals like ourselves.


A Fair Go shares the uplifting unspoken stories of marginalised Australians.  


Their Words, Their Way.  


A Fair Go see’s individuals as the experts of their own lives. There is no one better to tell your story than you. All human beings have an embarrassing story, a story of success, a story of falling in and out of love, a story about their favourite food.

Here are some of those stories.


Australians, let’s give everyone,


Coming Soon